Installation Guide for
Indigo Xtreme Clean™

Handling Notes:
Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid prolonged contact. Keep away from children and pets. Do not ingest. Keep away from flame, sparks, or high intensity heat source. For additional safety and handling information, refer to the Indigo Xtreme Clean MSDS.

Compatibility Notes:
Although Indigo Xtreme Clean is compatible with most surfaces, avoid contact with plastics (such as keyboards, computer cases, cooling fans, some waterblock housings, coolant tube fittings, cables, etc.). Also, avoid contact with elastomers (such as coolant tubing, gaskets, etc.).

Instructions for Use:
Use powder-free gloves to prevent any finger oils or contaminants from contacting the CPU lid and heat sink and to prevent skin contact with Indigo Xtreme Clean™.

Using a dry cloth, apply pressure to thoroughly remove any existing interface grease from the CPU lid and heat sink. Clean with fresh areas of the wiper cloth until no visible grease residue is detected on the wiper.

Saturate a dry, lint-free cloth with Indigo Xtreme Clean™; thoroughly wipe the CPU lid; repeat with the heat sink interfacial surfaces. Continue to wipe each surface with fresh areas of the wiper until no visible residue is detected on the wiper. Wipe all surfaces of any visible lint, fibers, or particulates.

Be prepared to wipe the CPU lid and heat sink surfaces immediately upon saturating each dry wiper cloth as the Xtreme Clean™ solvent will quickly evaporate. When finished, seal the saturated cloth in a plastic bag and dispose properly.

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