Indigo Xtreme™ Metallic Thermal Interface Solution

Supporting Intel™ Socket 775/1155/1156/2011-0/2011-3/2066 and AMD™ AM2/AM3/FX Processors

Indigo Xtreme™ represents a whole new approach to high-performance cooling of your CPU. Indigo Xtreme™ is a precision Engineered Thermal Interface (ETI) that keeps CPUs cooler. Much cooler.

The Indigo Xtreme innovative and patented structure deploys a highly conductive Phase Change Metal Alloy (PCMA) into all the surface micro-asperities on your CPU lid and heat sink, resulting in the lowest resistance heat path of any grease, paste, or pad thermal interface product available today.

High Thermal Performance
• Bulk thermal conductivity >20 W/mK
• Lower overall thermal resistance than any grease, paste, or pad TIM
• No cure time

High Reliability
• Fully sealed structure - no mess or migration
• Most consistent performance - applies the correct amount of alloy every time
• Gallium-free
• Laser-cut precision

User Friendly
• Fully compatible with copper and aluminum surfaces
• Peel-and-stick application
• Easy clean up - just peel to remove


As confirmed by independent tests, the Indigo family of engineered thermal interfaces are the highest performing TIMs available.

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Indigo Xtreme

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